How to recount the taste of blood vėdarai to a guest from the West or the East? How to tell what is pork rinds, curd cheese or a grated potato pancake? One may narrate about it tens of times, but one may sit down at the table and taste all at once. From now on, the special dish of the menu, as proposed in “Ethno Manor,” is “The Degustation Set” intended for 4 persons, wherein a large part of our culinary heritage has been put together. Price of the Set – €12.90.

Sour cream butter rolled in the restaurant, blood vėdarai, didžkukuliai with meat and curd, small pieces of herring, potato pancake, pork rinds and thin slices of baked curd cheese are served in the Set.

It is the plate of not only traditional dishes liked by the Lithuanians until now, but also the taste of the history of all of us, as well as of the real culinary heritage. The recipe of each dish served in “The Degustation Set” reaches more than two or three hundred years of its existence, is tested and proven. Cepelinas which, according to the Historian Prof. R. Laužikas, was started to be eaten by the Lithuanians barely 150 ago, would most probably be youngest in this plate…

“The Degustation Set” is the table of representative traditional dishes, which is necessary to be served to each guest of the country or a compatriot yearning for the old tastes!

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