Didžkukuliai, still called as cepelinai by all of us, are much more than a satisfying dish of the day. It is a product of the Lithuanian culinary heritage, the preparation of which needs not only time, but also the exclusive attention. The Masters of our kitchen stir the pots full of didžkukuliai every day – we have cooked almost 10 million of them for you!

For those who have yearned the taste of real home-made cepelinas, soft potatoes and stuffing of fresh and high-quality meat or curd most of all, from now on, we have a  special offer—“Subscription to Didžkukuliai” from now on! Its price – €37.

This service provides the possibility to eat 10 portions of the most delicious cepelinai—with stuffing and sauces in all “Ethno Manors” of Lithuania (one may choose from even 12 different sorts of didžkukuliai!).

The Masters of the kitchen have restored the recipes of cepelinai cooked in our restaurants from the old sources together with the Ethnologists, have purified the taste and the cooking process as well as have found out that only a few varieties of potatoes grown in Lithuania are suitable to make didžkukuliai.

“The Subscription to Didžkukuliai” provides everyone who is yearning for the real Lithuanian food or a person who wants to rejoice the eater of this kind in an inventive gift with the possibility to enjoy a portion of cepelinai of the chosen taste. One may acquire and use it in each “Ethno Manor.” We have created this service not by accident – the Experts of the Culinary Heritage Fund have already had evaluated cepelinai cooked in “Ethno Manors” of the Capital City – after having had visited all cooks of didžkukuliai of Vilnius, they have found out that didžkukuliai cooked by us mainly conform to the tradition of heritage!

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