Take all opportunities of “Ethno Manor” – hold the fetes and parties, introduce the Lithuanian culinary heritage to the guests from abroad, give the pals “The Privilege of the Manor” to eat the most delicious dishes up tasting, and to the most passionate fans of cepelinai – “The Subscription to Didžkukuliai!”

The Treat for the Place at Table

For the most cheerful personal celebrations, the friends from abroad who discover the traditions of dishes of the old Lithuania, the gourmets who want to taste the dishes of the culinary heritage, or the eaters who like feasting deliciously and substantially, we offer the Treat for the Place at Table.

Our each manor is special. E.g. in “Ethno Manor” at Pilies St., Vilnius, the guests may choose for the treat an ethnic hall which will protect their privacy, with unique symbolism, drawn legends, and the furniture adorned with decoration characteristic of each region.

Our Waiters—the real Masters of hospitality—will tell about the origin and history of the old dishes to those who treat themselves, and will ensure that the Treat for the Place at Table would be the best.

The Degustation Set

The culinary heritage is in your plate!

In any “Ethno Manor,” ask for “The Degustation Set” intended for 4 persons who are about to eat all secrets of the old Lithuanian cuisine up tasting.

The Set consists of sour cream butter rolled in the Manor, potato and blood vėdarai, didžkukuliai with meat and curd, potato pancake, pork rinds, small pieces of herring, and thin slices of baked curd cheese are served in the Set.

Everything is cooked with particular care; therefore, the Masters of hospitality, who serve you, will most probably ask for patience – the preparation of the Set may last more than 30 min.

Price – €16.95

“The Subscription to Didžkukuliai”

Following the approval by the Experts of the culinary heritage and at your request, we have created “The Subscription to Didžkukuliai,” intended for the most passionate eaters of cepelinai!

The service created for the tasters of the best cepelinai in the country provides the possibility to eat even 10 portions of didžkukuliai in any “Ethno Manor!” Currently, we offer even 12 different sorts of cepelinai with the stuffings and sauces you like most. The Experts of the culinary heritage, the Historians and the Ethnologists have, after having had visited all cooks of cepelinai of the Capital City, declared  didžkukuliai of “Ethno Manor” as mainly conforming to the tradition of heritage! You may taste the best cepelinai not only in the Capital City – one may use the subscription in any city.

If you cannot return to your mum for lunch, come to the nearest “Ethno Manor,” where a portion of palatable cepelinai wait for you every day!

Price – €69,-

“The Privilege of the Manor” (gift card)

The cheerful afternoon with colleagues or pals is much more of a thing than a delicious lunch – please acquire “The Privilege of the Manor” and give a unique culinary experience of the old Lithuania to the pals, colleagues and relatives.

Those who have “The Privilege of the Manor” may, for a certain amount of money, order the most gourmet food or to enjoy the traditional dishes, as if from granny’s pots.

The special offers prepared for the companies, institutions and other business clients will ensure that an experience in the Manor would become a real privilege!

Please acquire “The Privilege of the Manor” for the desired amount.