Dienos pietūs

Skaniausi dienos pietų pasiūlymai – ypatingomis kainomis. Kiekvieną dieną – skirtingi, įvairūs, lietuvišką skonį puoselėjantys valgiai!

Kubiliaus g. 16, Ukmergės g. 369, Ozo g. 18, V. Pociūno g. 8, Vilniuje; K.Baršausko g. 66A, Kaune

About Us

“Etno dvaras” has been consistently cherishing the Lithuanian traditions of the ethnic culinary art for 20 years already. It is the first restaurant in Lithuania, the dishes of which have been certified by the Lithuanian Culinary Heritage Fund. For your convenience, we are located at the main streets of the Old Town sections of the cities, as well as are famous for the acceptable prices.


We draw our inspiration from the ethnic heritage of the beginning of the 20th century, and the old mental outlook unfolding in folklore and folk art. We cooperate with the most famous Ethnologists of Lithuania.


Our dishes certified by the Culinary Heritage Fund are in compliance with the following three main requirements: the dishes are historical, known for at least 100 years; they are cooked from the Lithuanian products with the use of the old cooking techniques.


Our cepelinai are cooked according to the authentic recipe which we have restored together with the Ethnologists. It has been included into heritage by the Experts of the Culinary Heritage Fund, who have recognized our didžkukuliai as the best and as mainly conforming to the traditions of the culinary art.


Chef de cuisine of the Restaurants “Etno Manor”– Ramūnas Giraitis – is the professional who has accumulated the long-term experience and has been cooking the Lithuanian dishes for more than two decades.


We give preference to the Lithuanian products; therefore, we cooperate with the farmers and receive the freshest gifts of nature from local farms.


We have been consistently implementing the policy of the socially responsible company for more than 20 years, and we contribute to the Lithuanian business so that it would become more and more responsible to the guest, environment, and society.